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BOSS, Back Office Support Services, Inc, provides small and medium size companies with a complete finance and accounting structure. BOSS bridges the gap between corporate finance management and day to day accounting by offering both services together. We are not personal financial planners, investment bankers, tax accountants or management consultants. We are  skilled finance professionals with true operational management experience coupled with financial expertise. We are true business finance managers.
BOSS Overview

Simplifying the Complex

In a word, managing the finances of any business is “complex”. Our clients receive simple practical solutions to their more complex questions. We help them implement these solutions resulting in a successful outcome. BOSS works based on our experiences and not some prescribed model. We are problem solvers with years of experience. We have helped clients navigate recessions, and we provide solutions that result in success and growth for our clients. Most importantly, we are accountable to our clients.

Our Belief: Deliver Results

At BOSS we simplify the traditional “Mission, Vision and Core Values” into one phrase: “Our Belief: We believe in providing opportunities for our employees to be accountable for delivering results to our clients.”