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How do you finance your company’s growth?  Do you know where cash is coming from, how cash is used, or whether current cash flows can meet your future obligations and goals? Clients usually don’t have answers to these questions.  They do, however, have a plan for growth. Clients may be looking to do an acquisition, grow organically, and/or geographically, or start a new business line. Very often clients fail to achieve success because they fail to have a financial plan. They run into financing or capital limitations, preventing them from being successful. A business plan is significantly different from a financial plan. Clients hire us to develop a financial plan that mirrors and supports their business plan.

How We Do It

We work with our clients to review their business plan. We then examine the company’s current and financial commitments, its capital structure and its operational cash flows.  Then, we prepare financial models to determine the necessary requirements for each business plan initiative.  Based on those models, we work with leadership to ensure they are on track in generating the financial requirements, and, if needed, make course corrections.  We also aid our clients in obtaining outside capital, whether it be in the forms of private equity, mezzanine financing or pure bank debt. All the while, we work on our client’s behalf to obtain and plan for future commitments, ensuring our clients have the necessary resources to meet their strategic initiatives.

Expected Results

We define success by ensuring that our clients are readily informed and are equipped with the necessary tools and peace of mind that when their business grows, they will have the financial capital to support that growth.

For most clients, we deliver financial models that supports their business strategic plan based on their needs, size, growth rate. If required, we will be involved in the capital raising process, aiding as an advocate for our client with outside partners.