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Our client’s success is driven by many factors.  Some clients produce a stellar product, some provide a niche service, and others provide innovative knowledge.  Regardless of the nature of your business, all great businesses have one thing in common; their leaders are great at planning and execution.   We help our client strengthen their planning skills by developing key and detailed executable budgets and business plans.

Detailed Budgeting & Planning

Our clients engage us to help them develop and maintain the following services:

  • Develop detailed annual budgets for the total company, drilled down to each line of business and/or departments
  • Re-forecast budgets monthly, providing a more realistic forecast going forward
  • For the more progressive clients that need information quickly, a rolling 12 month forecast are developed and maintained
  • Prepare monthly actual to budget variances and insights into the fluctuations

How We Do It

We will spend time understanding the business thoroughly.  If not already established, we will work with leadership to develop critical metrics. We will evaluate the marketplace and industry specific impacts. We then work with leadership to develop a realistic budget based on time horizons that make sense for the team.

On a monthly basis, we will take data electronically from your accounting department and prepare variance reports.  We will work with the accounting and operational team to understand any major fluctuations.  And, we will meet with you and review monthly variances and future forecast. We can communicate those findings to your Board, banks, or other shareholders/stakeholders. As necessary, we then can make any necessary adjustments to the forecast.

Expected Results

Our long term improvement in our client’s budgeting and planning process drives focus of execution.  This is critical in a successful business. Our clients value our commitment to keeping them focused on what’s important in their budgets, as well as where they need to improve and where they are succeeding.