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In today’s world of ever changing volatility, business risk is a certainty. Our clients need to identify risk, assess it, and manage it to the best of their ability.  Other than operational risk, other risks such as financial risk, insurance risk, contract risk, and technology risk forces companies to review their processes in an attempt to address and minimize them.

Assessing & Minimizing Risk

Depending on the size and complexity of a client, BOSS will review and assess key areas of risk within the organization.  We primarily will review financial risk, focusing on financial expenditures associated with risk mitigation programs such as insurance plans, data recovery plans, health and benefit plans and technology plans.  We help our clients minimize cost, minimize exposure and maximize benefits.

How We Do It

BOSS will review all existing risk management programs.  We will meet with vendors, review and assess benefits and costs. We provide recommendations on whether any adjustments need to be made and provide a plan for change. We will help our clients obtain new benefits, or, increase benefits to minimize their risk, if needed.

Expected Results

Our clients see improved risk management programs at a more competitive price.  In most cases, they will see a reduction of cost related to insurance plans.  Others will see increased productivity due to improved usage of technology.  The bottom-line is that we are accountable to our clients financially and they expect us to deliver results.