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BOSS, Back Office Support Services, Inc, provides small and medium size companies with a complete finance and accounting department. BOSS bridges the gap in the service industry by bringing the finance functions and day to day accounting together. Our clients get a managed financial structure that consist of financial knowledge, functions and accounting processing in one complete and cost-effective way. Clients reduce the need to source multiple partners or add expensive headcount.

BOSS Overview

A cohesive, well functioning financial structure can be costly and prohibited to most small to medium size organizations. Therefore, companies typically obtain these services through various outside partners; CPA firm for technical accounting, management consultants for financial advise, and outsourcing firms to do their day to day work. We bring these services together and manage them, so leaders can focus on growing their business, improve operational efficiencies and grow their profit.  They are part of the structure but spend little to no time managing it. We work on a retained basis, not an hourly basis, and are accountable to our clients in the long term.


In order for organizations to truly maximize their financial assets, we believe high financial performance is required at all levels—from payable to receivable work, reporting and analysis, financial operational management, banking and risk management, budgeting and planning, to outside partner management. To realize the benefit and be more competitive, schedule a meeting.