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Maintaining an accounting department, whether one person or 20 people, is not only expensive but also technically challenging.  Most of our clients recognize they are not equipped technically to face such a challenge. However, they realize the value an accounting department contributes to their business.  BOSS accounting services aids in this dilemma.

BOSS utilizes SAP Business One, the renowned small and medium size business accounting software, as your accounting backbone.

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Our clients realize that it is neither their specialty nor an effective use of their time to spend maintaining or managing the accounting department.  However, most feel that it is part of the overall “control” of the business and they need to be a part of that control. BOSS continues to provide this control to our clients, yet aid them in the transactional and management piece of day to day accounting.

What We Do

It is ideal that BOSS manages the complete accounting process for our clients.  Effective accounting departments function as a team: cash management, payables, receivables, payroll, general ledger and management reporting.  We believe that separating any one component from the others may be cost-effective and can be done, but in the long run is potentially inefficient. Ideally, we would provide services to all functions within the accounting department, from processing day-to-day transactions to managing the department, providing both cost effectiveness but also processing efficiency.

However, we recognize that some clients may already have an established infrastructure that is currently working well, and may only need assistance in certain areas.  BOSS can work with your existing team to perform specific functions within the your accounting department in the following areas:

  • Payables & Receivables
  • Payroll
  • Billings and Collections
  • General Ledger Management
  • Management Reporting & Analysis
  • Cash Management

How We Do It

In situations where we are engaged to perform the entire accounting functions, our clients understand that this is a long-term commitment for both parties.  Understanding this, BOSS spends a considerable amount of time with a commitment to learning our client’s business.  We customize an implementation plan specific to each client and partner with necessary staff to implement such plan.  The process takes between 2-4 months, depending on the complexity and size of our clients.  However, we expect return on investment within 6-9 months of complete implementation.

Our clients are equipped with the latest, simplest, and most flexible accounting system in the world,  SAP Business One.  This software is cloud based so there is no infrastructure cost for our clients.  Clients do not pay ongoing update cost, consulting cost, or management cost. There is no upfront or ongoing IT personnel cost either.

Typical Implementation Process

Client BOSS Time
Review & Understand Current Process
Perform Current Process Understand Current Process 2 Weeks
Mapping & Development
Establish & Train New Process Develop & Map to SAP 2 – 4 Weeks
Test New Process Run & Monitor Parallel with Old Process 2 – 4 Weeks
Monitor New Process Perform Process Ongoing

Timely Results

Within 2 months of implementation, our clients see a drastic improvement in their time and cost.  BOSS performs all day-to-day transactional processing.  Month-end close and management reporting is timely and consistent. Our clients accounting department cost is reduced between 30-50% annually. Plus, information is accurate and is now reliable and critical to business decisions.