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Q1: Is BOSS a temporary agency?

A: No, we are not a temporary agency. Whereas temporary agencies lease out employees to companies usually on an hourly basis, we have a team dedicated and work on a retained monthly fix fee basis. Temporary agencies don’t manage the employees, they just lease the employee to you. It is up to you to manage and derive value from that employee.. You are not responsible to manage BOSS employees we do all the managing.

Q2: All this financial management sound like a big consulting firm, is that what I’m getting?

A: Hiring BOSS provides our clients with access to expertise of a management-consulting firm that is rarely accessible to small and medium size companies. Unlike a management-consulting firm, we are retained and become part of your organization in the long term. We don’t just deliver a project to you to take over; we are accountable.

Q3: If I use BOSS to do my transactional accounting, does that mean I have to terminate my accounting staff?

A: Our clients generally do not eliminate headcount. Most of our clients are growing small and medium size businesses looking for stronger expertise to lead existing staff or a stronger accounting software system. In most cases, if we do the accounting completely, their accounting staff are repositioned to perform more valuable functions that meets both the employee career desires and the company needs. In other cases, the current staff is overwhelmed with work. Hiring a higher-level individual or hiring additional accounting staff can be expensive and counter productive. Our clients turn to use to fill that gap.

In addition, our clients have access to powerful accounting software without having to pay the upfront hardware and software implementation cost normally associated. Our clients don’t manage the work; we manage and take care of all the technical aspects. We lead and work with your current accounting staff to streamline and be more productive; adding more value to the company.

Q4: Is BOSS an accounting outsourcing company?

A: BOSS is a financial management company. We can perform your transactional day-to-day accounting function which is only one piece of the services we offer. We believe that sourcing expertise in the finance and accounting is all related and complement each other. Therefore, our clients value the additional leadership and guidance we bring to their business. View our services.

Q5: Does engaging BOSS means replacing my current CPA?

A: BOSS works in conjunction with your existing CPA firm. It is very common to have your CPA firm be independent of your accounting, especially if they perform a review or audit of your financial statements. If your current CPA firm performs your day to day accounting and tax returns, they should continue to do so. BOSS will work with them to supplement the other areas they are not performing, such as financial analysis, risk management, and performance evaluations and improvement.

Q6: What is the greatest value BOSS has provided to its clients?

A: Every client engagement is different, with different objectives and goals. We see ourselves as adding the greatest value when we are able to work as partners with our clients throughout the entire finance and accounting spectrum. Our clients hire BOSS to obtain a high return on the expense that they incur. We usually see our clients saving 3-5 times our fee in their returns.

Q7: All this sounds expensive. What is the expense that I would incur?

A: Cost is dependent on the scope of work we perform. Unlike other service providers that charge per hour, we prefer to work on a retained basis. Our clients provide us with a monthly retainer to get the job done. If we incur more hours our clients are not billed. We work on a fix fee basis. This method allows our clients to have a predictable expense that they can budget every month. We will meet with you to understand the scope of work and quickly provide you with a range of cost.

Q8: I currently use QuickBooks and keep hearing that QuickBooks is not really the right accounting software for us; do I need a more robust accounting package?

A: Obtaining a more robust accounting system should depend on what the company is trying to achieve. For example, having a big accounting program to get better reporting may not be the right solution. We help answer this question by working with you to understand the company’s objectives, managements objective and budgeting constraints.

Q9: My current CPA, bank, and/or bonding company wants additional compliance and reporting but my current system doesn’t provide the functionality. Can BOSS help without changing my entire accounting system?

A: Yes, in most cases, we will work with your existing staff and accounting system to obtain the required data. Most systems will allow for data extraction. We will take this data and generate your required reports outside of your existing system.

Q10: I am doing well but during this economy my profits have decreased. I want to make more profit but am so busy fighting fires that I don’t have time to address this issue.

A: Our clients often are owners of their business and as owners often they are to busy getting new business in this economy. In addition to a lack of time, they may be unable to analyze their business either objectively or technically. Our Performance Evaluation and Improvement analysis is designed to understand why and how the business can maximize its performance and profit. Learn more about our Performance Evaluation & Improvement services.

Q11: If BOSS is in control of my accounting, do I lose control of my business?

A: Our accounting services clients never lose control of their business. They actually get better insight into their business. In general, we will work with the Owner/CEO weekly to ensure that they are aware of activities in their business. In addition to monthly reporting that they will receive, they have access to dashboards that provide them with valuable real time information. Also, they will have a dedicated team with an accountable manager that is available to answer any questions that may develop.

Q12: Is my accounting and finance information secure and are there backups of the data? Is the data mine if I no longer wish to use BOSS?

A: Our client data is always secure. Our cloud server is secure and compliant with ISO 27001 standards. All client data is secure and backups are performed daily. Our server downtime is 99.95% guaranteed, other than scheduled maintenance times.

Q13: Does BOSS offshore any of the work?

A: Unlike most “accounting outsourcing” companies, all BOSS employees are domestic employees and in most cases local to the small business. We believe that this provides our clients with superior customer services and provides for a team that is extremely knowledgeable of the local markets.

Q14: Can you explain how BOSS provides SAP accounting software with no implementation cost? Most vendors I talk to charge an upfront cost.

A: BOSS has partnered with SAP to provide our clients with SAP Business One as their accounting software. BOSS has implemented SAP B1 on our servers and through our partnership, with SAP, incurred the upfront cost of that implementation. . Therefore as a BOSS client, there is no consulting and setup cost charged by SAP. Our clients use SAP, receive training from SAP, and support from SAP.

Q15: How much can I save by engaging with BOSS accounting solutions?

A: Cost savings is dependent on the scope of work and current client infrastructure, among other factors. We generally see our client’s save anywhere between 20-30% of their current annual accounting cost.