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Your organization generates a vast amount of data. It is critical for leadership and management to quickly access this information and utilize it to help make intelligent business decisions. Getting the data out of the “system”, organizing and presenting the data is typically a challenge.  BOSS bridges this gap and provide our clients with the reporting and analysis that is critical to making intelligent business decisions.

Some clients have created numerous reports, most times too many.  We help our clients review all of their financial and management reporting, assess the need for each report and make recommendations on changes and/or additions.

With all the data an organization generates, reporting is key.  However, reporting that lack analysis is meaningless. Financial analysis is the process by which data is reviewed, understood and interpreted.

Required Reports

BOSS helps clients determine the amount of reporting needed to help monitor their business.  We review existing reports, assist in determining whether the current reporting is meaningful, compare to industry standards and develop any additional or replacement reports.

Based on client data, we will create detailed financial analysis for the business.  We calculate past and future performance ratios and we compare client information to industry best practices.  We will also help build dashboards to present the data and analysis.

How We Do It

BOSS will work with our client’s accounting staff to obtain historical and current data electronically.  We will understand thoroughly the clients key metrics and drivers, and then we will meet with leadership teams to assess their needs. Next, we will review existing reporting and analysis.  Based on information obtained, we will develop the necessary reporting and analysis by:

  • Ensuring proper financial statement preparation, classification, and presentation
  • Reviewing and developing key performance ratios, comparing these historically to determine the best range of acceptable performance
  • Assessing liquidity ratios and cash management ratios
  • Reviewing and developing operational ratios, efficiency analysis, and associated reporting
  • Developing a schedule for timely monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
  • Reviewing outside reporting requirements, work with outside partners to streamline existing reporting and formats, and ensure they are receiving the necessary reports

Expected results

Clients see they have better information to make intelligent business decisions. They are more focused and aware of changes in their business.  They are more disciplined and measure performance monthly with accurate and timely data.  Clients review their reports on desktop or mobile dashboards that we create based on their need. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to monitor changes in their business and change reporting and analysis appropriately.

Our clients see improvements in financial performance, better cash management and increased business value.